Brooke Swensson – Tattoo Artist & Designer

Brooke’s Biography

Hi! I’m a tattoo artist working at show Us Your Tatts in Invercargill, NZ. Before finally becoming involved in tattooing, which I enjoy immensely, I achieved a Bachelor of Media Arts in 2008 and worked in web design for a number of years.

I am into tattooing intricate, colourful things such as lace, mandalas, geometric and flowers, which are among my favorite things to tattoo, although I am not opposed to skulls, old/new skool, and dark stuff either.

I love to design pieces with a lot of lines, colour, movement and depth. If that is what you’re into, consider talking to me about your tattoo idea.

My interests include drawing, caring for my lovely cats, gardening, keeping up with various television series, cooking exciting things, drawing, design and various acts of fitness.